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Hi All.

Ramadaan Mubarak to all my Muslim friends...and to my non Muslim friends..enjoy your food. I'm taking a bit of breather during Ramadaan. I'll be posting some health and wellness content on social media, but the standup is on hold for a bit. 

My #LifeBegins comedy special is being edited at the moment. I'll be offering it for streaming or download on my website very soon. In fact, I'll make all my shows available for download on my website. I'll also be recording a new comedy special in July or August 2018. Material 2 is also on the way...not sure when..but it's coming...

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"... I did a Bollywood cruise. Most of the passengers were Indian and most of the crew was white. Some Indians were scared of this ... you know anytime white people wanna take you somewhere on a ship you gotta be a bit cautious or you might end up on a sugar cane plantation somewhere ..."